Mozambique 6th Licensing Round | FAQs

General Q&A

Yes, in accordance to the Petroleum Law 21/2015, article 26, only companies registered Mozambique are capable to sign the EPCC and conduct petroleum operations weather national or international.

Yes, the Pre-qualification requirement is for all companies interested in attending the Mozambique 6th Licensing Round.

Yes, Mozambique 6th Licensing Round is open to any interested companies.

The 2,000,000 MT fee is paid during the submission of the EPCC application only. No fee is paid for the pre-qualification.

The licensing of the minimum data package is mandatory (as per Geotechnical Data Guidelines). The licensing of this data will allow companies to evaluate the prospectivity of the Area of interest before application, therefore its importance and reason behind the mandatory nature.

It is our understanding that both versions (Portuguese and English) contain the same information and both should be used, any misleading discrepancy should be indicated to INP for clarification. 

Pre-Qualification Guidelines

Pre-qualification application should be presented in Portuguese or English but supporting documents required under the Pre-qualification, issued in other language than Portuguese or English, should be translated by a certified translator.

No. Applicants must make all efforts to submit the complete information required for Pre-qualification, nevertheless additional information might be required by INP for clarification.

Appendix A - Application Details and Financial Information (For Pre-Qualification)

Appendix D - QHSE Criteria

INP Data Room

Yes, there is a charge to be paid. As a response to the current travel restrictions due to Covid-19, for the current 6th bidding round, apart from the physical Data Room, INP has created a Virtual Data Room (VDR) for the companies interested in viewing the data. The VDR is running on Schlumberger platform called DELFI. There are 4 VDR sessions as detailed. Note that each session can have the duration of 2 hours up to 8 hours a day. Companies interested in the VDR first will have to register and follow the recommendations to be provide to get access to the VDR session of interest. The Rovuma Session contains 2D legacy seismic and well data from Rovuma Basin, the Zambeze & Angoche Session has legacy seismic and well data from these two regions and the Save session has legacy seismic and well data from Save. The Full Session contain all the data from Rovuma, Zambeze & Angoche and Save Sessions, as illustrated in the interactive map on

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